"Carole Bressan’s images are visceral and organic and imposes a creative energy. No obvious meaning but perhaps to detain the viewer. Perhaps the essence is about wondering. The motifs have the power to intimate meanings beyond themselves. Something that you cannot quite get out of your head. These images beg for an interpretation. Her collages are poetic images that reveal something extraordinary about her inner psyche. Perhaps a wavering uncertainty intended to represent a dream. These images reveal an alive and breathing existence. Forms occupied with vibrant and breathtaking pigment. There is sense of spirit and introspection. The viewer has no option but to be the surveyor of surreal and abstract surfaces. One finds themselves immersed in a world of poetic imagery. She invites us into a surreal world. We are invited to experience a collective unconsciousness which evokes underlying emotion. There exists in her work a definite symbolic and ephemeral aspects of her personality which she reveals through color, form, texture and spatial elements. Her work is stunningly authentic and completely honest. One feels as if you have entered the world of an extraordinary heart. Carole Bressan has certainly hit her stride as an accomplished artist having come a long way since the beginning of her journey. Her work is eye-catching, engaging and satisfyingly unique."

Review by Stefan Fiedorowicz